1500 - 2000: The Atlantic World and the dutch

Historic New Amsterdam

Name Historic New Amsterdam
English name Historic New Amsterdam
Type Museological
Purpose To highlight the dynamic notion of tolerance as the defining element in "American" freedom.
Description Establishing of a museum park on Governors Island (formerly Noten Eyland)
Status Current
Project duration 1998 - 2009
Done by Joep de Koning
Funded by Joep de Koning, Founder and Chief Execurive
Remarks The fundamental value of toleration was the New Netherland (1614-1674) contribution to American liberty as planted first in 1624 onto the Western Hemisphere by the first settlers to Noten Eylant (now Governors Island). Tolerance and World Trade, covertly introduced to the North American Continent by Henry Hudson in 1609, formed the basis of cultural pluralism and forever made New York City the preferred entry point for immigrants.
Internet link www.NationalHeritageTriangle.com
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