1500 - 2000: The Atlantic World and the dutch



'The Atlantic World and the Dutch, 1500-2000' is an initiative of the Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies (KITLV) and the Amsterdam Municipal Archives (Stadsarchief).

The second phase of the project (2006-2011) is being carried out by KITLV together with the Institute of Netherlands History (ING). This cooperation aims to secure a more in-depth disclosure of the relevant archival sources of Dutch culture in the Atlantic region.

The project was hosted until october 2008 by KITLV and was enabled by funding from the Netherlands Culture Fund (HGIS Programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science) and the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).

As of February 27th, 2009 'The Atlantic World and the Dutch' is a jointly cooperation between three Dutch institutions, thereby ensuring the future of  AWAD. This commitment involves the following organisations:

- Erfgoed Nederland (Netherlands Institute for Heritage), Amsterdam
- KITLV, Leiden
- Nationaal Archief (National Archives), The Hague

In November 2008, the office of AWAD was relocated to:
Erfgoed Nederland
(Netherlands Institute for Heritage)
Herengracht 474
1017 CA Amsterdam


Although far from complete, the guide has now been made available as it stands. With this in mind, we invite all of you with an interest in this project to support its development and to correct information where required. Data can be submitted by filling out an electronic form. We hope that in this way a living and growing research tool will evolve, thus benefiting those with an interest in the history of the Atlantic world.

Although the data presented have been compiled with the utmost care, it is impossible to cross-check every individual item submitted to us. Consequently, we do not accept responsibility for any incorrect information presented. The website is for informational purposes only and no rights can be derived from its contents.


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Mr David Ruhl

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Besides everyone within the organisation we would like to thank the following people whose contribution has been invaluable in the realization of this project:

- Mr Carlos Alberto Asfora, minister of the Brazilian Embassy, The Hague
- The late Dr Jan W. Bloemberg, Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, The Hague
- Dr Jan Boomgaard, director of the Municipal Archives of Amsterdam
- Dr Victor Enthoven, coordinator of the project ‘Dutch connections’
- Mara de Groot MA, National Archives
- Dr Maurits Hassankhan, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Suriname
- Jan Hoekema MA, former director cultural cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Hague
- Han Jordaan MA, Institute of Netherlands History (ING), The Hague
- Dr Henk den Heijer, Leiden University
- Johan van Langen MA, National Archives
- Sabine Gimbrère, MA, former head of international heritage, Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, The Hague
- Dr Gerrit Knaap, programme coordinator of the Institute of Netherlands History (ING), The Hague
- Dr Pieter Koenders, National Archives, The Hague
- Mr Roberto Palacios, Venezuela
- Dirk Tang MA, National Library, The Hague
- Astrid Weij MA, former programme manager international culture
- The late Dr Glenn Willemsen, until his unexpected death, director of the NiNsee (National Institute for the Study of Dutch Slavery and its Legacy), Amsterdam and member of the Advisory Committee.

A special thanks goes to all participants of the local workshops, the pilot projects, the international conference and the Atlantic Days, as well as to everyone who worked hard to organise these events.
Thanks to Mr Ronny Rens (office manager), Mrs Denice Soekra (secretary) and Ruth Dors MA (researcher), of the NiNsee staff.
Last but not least we are indebted to the KITLV staff, in particular Hanneke Teunissen MA, Mr Dan Vennix, Mrs Ellen Sitinjak, Mr Rinus Gravekamp and Mr Ton van den Mark.

Acknowledgements for included images
We owe gratitude to the following people and organisations for allowing us to include their images and photos:

- National Archives collection, The Hague (contact person: Mrs Louisa Balk)
- KITLV collection, Leiden
- NAAM collection, Curaçao (contact person: Ieteke Witteveen MA)
- Prof essor Alex van Stipriaan Luiscius, Erasmus University & KIT
- Jerome Egger MA, Anton de Kom University
- Johan van Langen MA, National Archives
- Mrs Suzanne Nielsen, Harry Luke Johnson Museum, Saba
- Professor Maria Angélica da Silva, UFAL
- Professor Gert Oostindie, KITLV
- Barbara Consolini MA, Netherlands Institute for Heritage

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